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Milwaukee Brewers Recreate Classic Scene From The Sandlot


There’s just something about sports films from the 1990s that leave us feeling nostalgic and, arguably, the greatest of that era might be the 1993 classic, The Sandlot.  Chock full of quotable moments that are just as relevant now that we’re adults as they were when we were children, the film includes much of what was so great about the summer and being outside with your friends from the neighborhood.

If you’re not familiar, the focus of the film is a group of children who spend virtually every waking moment playing baseball on the sandlot but when one of them hits a homerun over the neighbor’s fence, it appears their day is ruined – until one of the boys grabs his father’s signed Babe Ruth prized baseball, not knowing who exactly the Major League Baseball legend was at the time.  And last week, the Milwaukee Brewers decided to release a clip of the team doing a shot-for-shot remake of that iconic scene, when the cocky red-headed Ham Porter clocks a ball over the fence, thus ending the game.

Who knows exactly how long this whole thing took to pull off but a couple of the Brewers players look pretty similar to their on-screen counterparts and could even pass as adult versions of the actors.  But the greatest portrayal might be from Hank, the team’s unofficial mascot that stole headlines back during Spring Training of 2014 when it was rescued by the organization after being in real bad shape.  The little white Bichon-Frise mixed-breed played the role of Hercules, better known as “The Beast”, a behemoth dog that the children believe has actually eaten people in the past.  Here, enjoy the clip:

Keep in mind, two of the players featured in the clip – Brett Phillips and Josh Hader – weren’t even alive when the film came out, while some of the others were probably too young to remember it.  We really hope this makes its way back to the actors from the original film and they offer up some sort of a response – or even do their own take of one of The Sandlot’s classic scenes, some 25 years later.  Either way, bravo to the Brewers, as it’ll be hard to top this viral video during the remainder of the 2018 season.

Heroes get remembered but legends never die. #ThisIsMyCrew #TheSandlot

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