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Mountain Dew Flavored Doritos Are Now A Thing – And It’s Not An April Fools’ Joke

Photo Courtesy of @nickvavitiss on Instagram

Since you’re currently stuck inside for the foreseeable future, there’s plenty of time for snacking but, as your pantry becomes depleted, the options get more lackluster.  Mixing and matching can sometimes prove to be vital to fulfilling that unique craving because, let’s face it, not everything goes together quite as well as Mountain Dew and Nacho Cheese Doritos.  Well, the folks at Frito-Lay figured why not just combine the two to create limited edition Mountain Dew flavored Doritos.

You read that correctly, all of the flavor of the classic citrus soft drink with the crunch of the addictive tortilla chips – and no, it’s not some sort of an April Fools’ Day trap.  The only catch is that the product is currently available in just Australia and there’s no signs indicating it’ll be coming to the U.S soon. Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time these two companies have joined forces to create a peculiar snack. PepsiCo – which owns Mountain Dew – released a hybrid soft drink of the two back in 2008 and then, in 2014, the two teamed up to create “Dewitos” tortilla chips.  “Dewitos” were created as part of a small program for colleges around the country – the target demographic.

Mountain Dew was originally created in Tennessee in the 1940s as a mixer for whiskey but the combination with Doritos, which got its start in 1964 at a Disneyland restaurant, eventually became the stereotypical junk food combination of every video gamer living in their parents’ basement.  There’s really not a ton of information available about this new snack but one Australian, @nickvavitiss on Instagram, got his hands on a bag of the Mountain Dew flavored Doritos but gave it a less than a stellar review, claiming it “tasted like citrus lime detergent.”  That, in all likelihood, won’t stop many Australian and could actually be good news for all of the Tide Pods Challenge people out there.

We’d give them a try, though we’re scared of what snack mashup could be next.