Photo Courtesy of Natural Light

Natural Light, the unofficial beer of colleges everywhere, is taking beer packaging to a whole new level this fall, with a case that is perfect for you and all of your friends – and we mean all of your friends.  As a nod to 1977, the year Anheuser-Busch created the brand, Natty Light is releasing an exclusive 77-beer case, which weighs 65 pounds and is perfect if you and your boys want to get in a quick workout before a night of drinking.

This massive case has been in the works for quite some time but will only be available in College Park, Maryland – best known as home to the University of Maryland.  Of course, Maryland students are no strangers to crushing some serious amounts of beer as we learned recently, so this will be a welcomed addition with the college football season in full swing, especially since Maryland students won’t have to break the bank.  We’re not quite sure why they chose Maryland specifically, however.  The case will be available in stores within the next few days and Natty Light is contemplating bringing it to other markets.   

A 30-pack of Natty Light is typically between $17-$20, so we’ll let you do the math on how much the 77-packs costs.  We’re going to just guess and say it’ll hit stores for $30.  The new packaging, which the beer maker unveiled late last week via social media, is hexagonal in shape, with a layer consisting of 18 cans surrounding 12 cans surrounding six cans and one single can in the middle.  That’s one layer of 37, so add a second and that’s 74 cans – plus three more. We’re not sure not here to assemble it, just to drink it.

Photo Courtesy of Natural Light

Originally created under the name Anheuser-Busch Natural Light, the beer was first brewed to compete with Miller Lite and was Anheuser-Busch’s first widely distributed light beer.  Now, it’s become the perfect beer for drinking games across the country, and is available everywhere.  Five years ago, Natty Light was the fifth best-selling beer in the United States, selling 72 million cases and earning $1.11 billion, according to one study.

Drink up, Maryland.  And don’t disappoint, because this is every college kid’s dream.