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New Holland Brewing Company Rebrands, Unveils New Logo And Vibrant New Look

Photo Courtesy of New Holland Brewing Company.

For over two decades, New Holland Brewing Company has been a staple of Michigan’s craft beer scene, all while becoming a recognizable brand throughout much of the country and this week the brewery announced a rebrand, giving its logo and packaging a much more vibrant look.

The announcement came through the brewery’s social media outlets on Monday, with a post showing off a new logo, along with a message to drinkers that “changes are coming to your fridge.”  What came next was a string of posts unveiling the new look for each of their year-round efforts, with just a little background for each beer.  New Holland wanted to reintroduce itself with branding that captures the spirit of their vision, as well as their background.  The rationale behind the new look is it offers an innovative, welcoming and resourceful vibe, one focused around the Dutch word “Gezellig.”

Gezellig encompasses the heart of Dutch culture, spanning from cozy to friendly, relaxing to comfortable, enjoyable to gregarious. It’s more a state of mind than a specific image.

“At the heart of who we are, New Holland is here to inspire joy and create moments worth remembering with the people you care most about,” said Brand Manager Adam Dickerson.  “Our role in that is to be that beverage on the table that brings people together – the centerpiece to those moments.”

Incorporating a new-look windmill into the updated logo was a way for the company to honor its heritage and give it a classic, yet contemporary, look which New Holland believes will make its products even more enticing.

“That windmill is a symbol of our roots in Dutch culture,” Dickerson added.  “But I think what we’ve done with the windmill now is clean, it’s fresh, it feels much more iconic than ever, and that’s our idea – to modernize that Dutch culture.”

The company is working to overhaul packaging but the liquid inside isn’t changing.  From easy-drinking year-round efforts like Little Piglet, a crushable 4.7 percent ABV Session IPA, and behemoth got-to-have specialties like the Dragon’s Milk series, New Holland’s will still offer the same beer, all while continuing to be a proud server of the local community.

“When I opened the brewery here in Holland there really wasn’t a social drinking culture,” said owner and founder Brett VanderKamp.  “Now you walk 8th street and there’s public houses and establishments that welcome all walks of life and families.  It’s really created a nice sense of community and we feel really proud to have helped pioneer that here.”