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No Animals Were Harmed In The Making Of These Pixidermy Trophy Heads

Photo Courtesy of Etsy.

There’s something about taxidermy that creeps some people out.  It could be the idea of taking the head of a once majestic creature and doctoring it up to place on your wall like some sort of a trophy.  But now you can get the feel of taxidermy without any of the creepiness of a once-living animal.  

One Etsy user has come up with an awesome alternative to the classic taxidermy trophy heads that hang on the wall – you know, like the one in your grandfather’s den that feels like it’s peering into your soul and blaming you for its demise.  Using a variety of different-sized birch wood cubes and some wood glue, Chicago-based Kentaro Yamada creates what he’s calling Pixidermy, the future of sculpture, which is a combination of taxidermy and pixel art that resembles the Minecraft version of an animal trophy head, perfect for any wall.  What’s even more impressive is that Yamada creates all of the various designs by hand, rather than using any kind of computer software.

These pieces can hang on your wall with just one nail/screw called a walldog, which the artist includes with the purchase and, to help keep the weight down, the middle is made to be as hollow as possible.  There are currently 10 items featured on Yamada’s store, such as deer and rhinoceros heads, and they come in one of two different sizes of cubes, with prices ranging anywhere from $129 to $2,499, before shipping. Just make sure it’ll fit where you want it – there’s no refunds. It will typically ship in two to three weeks.

These are the perfect gift for anyone who wants that look without the guilt, or that creepy set of eyes constantly staring at you while you’re streaming your shows.