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Norm Macdonald’s Netflix Talk Show Has A Name – And A Launch Date

Photo Courtesy of AP Photo/Dan Steinberg

For three years, Norm Macdonald was the anchor of Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, poking fun at current events and doing some faux comedy interviews – and really ruffling some feathers with NBC – along the way.  Well, the 58-year-old comedian will soon be back behind the booth – but this time, it’s for something just a little different.

Norm Macdonald Has A Show will launch Sept. 14 on Netflix, fresh on the heels of last year’s hilarious stand-up special that aired on the streaming service.  Created by Lionsgate TV, the series will feature 10 half-hour episodes with the comedic talk show format of Macdonald and his sidekick Adam Eget – a regular at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles – conducting conversations with some of the most fascinating people in entertainment and more.  Notable guests will include Michael Keaton, Drew Barrymore, David Spade, Jane Fonda, Chevy Chase and M. Night Shyamalan, among others. This has been in the works for a while, since Netflix gave it the green light back in March, and could be perfect for bingeing, since there’s less focus on topical jokes and potentially more delving into topics with his guests, much like David Letterman’s new show.

Back in 2013, Macdonald started his own audio and video podcast, Norm Macdonald Live, in the same type of format, interviewing notable figures like Marc Maron, Caitlyn Jenner and Tim Allen.  The series was on YouTube and available through various podcast outlets, though it has since been removed from the video website.  The conversation was engaging and funny and Macdonald had good back-and-forth with his guests.  Listening to him talk comedy, and the craft behind it, is like watching a renowned painter at work.

Despite the series being in pre-production for a while now, news of the official name of the series and the launch date comes at kind of a surprising time, given that Netflix announced the cancellation of two similar programs just last week – The Joel McHale Show With Joel McHale and The Break With Samantha Wolf.  The McHale news ins’t surprising but a quick axe for an up-and-coming comedian like Wolf might suggest that the viewership for the show, which aired on Sunday nights, was just that disappointing.

Letterman is also credited as a location scout for the series, with Macdonald an Executive Producer, along with K.P. Anderson, Daniel Kellison and Lori Jo Hoekstra.