Photo courtesy of Otterbox

When it comes to protecting your cell phone, Otterbox has long been the definitive case to defend your much-needed accessory from all of the drops that happen over the course of its life.  And, if you value your beverages as much as your cell phone, Otterbox now makes an indestructible cooler ready for any anything you can throw at it.

Last summer, Otterbox popped onto the cooler scene with the Venture, as it looked to give Yeti – a company that quickly cornered the market – a real run for its money and now it’s the must-have accessory this summer.  With integrated rugged injection-molding and high-grade cooling technology, Otterbox applied the same quality and durability into the cooler as it has for its phone cases.  The Venture is available in three different sizes – 25, 45 and 65 quarts – and is able to hold ice for up to two weeks.  Yes, you read that right – it can hold ice for up to two weeks.  That could come in quite handy.

The Venture’s bottom is slanted, making draining much easier while saving your back in the process, with the help of anti-slip rubber feet.  Of course, it might not be completely indestructible, because people will find always find a unique or innovative way to destroy things, but Otterbox has undoubtedly beat the hell out of the Venture – and dropped it from almost every angle and height imaginable, both empty and full – to ensure its life.  Just check out the video below.  And, like many of Otterbox’s products, the Venture comes with a lifetime warranty.  These things are all great, but the Venture has one huge advantage to its Yeti counterpart and that’s wheels – as new All-Terrain wheels are available for the sand, mud or whatever stands in your way while drinking.  That’s a serious edge, so that you’re not stuck lugging the 33-pound, 65-quart model.

With a bottle opener, a small cutting board, a very useful dry storage tray and the ability to lock-in contents, Otterbox has thought of just about everything you might need when taking this cooler along, to either the city or the country.  And don’t worry if you leave food or drinks lying around outside in the wilderness, attracting unwanted guests , because according to Otterbox, the Venture is certified bear-resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee when it is secured with the lock.  Children, well that might be a different story.

The Venture might be priced a little higher than what you were hoping to spend, retailing for about $220 for the smallest size and $260 for the two larger sizes  but, look at it this way, it’ll be the last cooler that you will ever need to own.  Still, that’s really the only knock here, though it is a large one.  Filling this gigantic cooler will be no easy task but we’re sure you’ll manage – and probably wind up carting everyone else’s beer in the process.  That’s just what friends do.