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Panic! At The Disco Teams Up With Asbury Park Brewery To Create IPA

Photo Courtesy of Asbury Park Brewery

It’s already been a pretty great year for Panic! At The Disco.  The Las Vegas based foursome’s High Hopes currently holds the No. 5 single on the Billboard Top 100 while the band just embarked on a country-wide tour last week before heading to Europe in the coming months – and now the band has their own beer named after them, even if it’s only available for a limited time.

This week, Asbury Park Brewery, a small beer producer founded in 2016 on New Jersey’s shoreline, announced that a limited edition Panic! At The Disco beer, appropriately called IP!ATD, will be available at the brewery, and perhaps the surrounding area around the Asbury Park location, starting on Jan. 19.  With the alternative-mixed-with-rock band set to play the Prudential Center in Newark the night before, fans in attendance will be able to purchase this unique brew that night, in the arena.  It’ll only be available there that night.

It’s actually not the first time the two have joined forces, however.  Last March, Asbury Park Brewery and Panic! At The Disco collaborated on a small batch of beer that was only served at a secret show in celebration of the announcement of Pray For the Wicked at the legendary Stone Pony.  That venue might sound familiar to those outside of New Jersey, as it just so happens to be one of Bruce Springsteen’s favorite spots. So what exactly can beer snobs and fans of the band expect from unique, limited edition brew?

IP!ATD is, of course, an India Pale Ale that features a strong malt backbone and is complemented with a hop nose of citrus and pine, according to the brewery.  It has a subtle bitterness that gives way to hop juiciness in the aftertaste, a distinct characteristic of an East Coast IPA.  It’s 6 percent alcohol by volume and rates 65 on the International Bitterness Units scale.  I have actually had one of Asbury Park Brewery’s beers, their dry-hopped Session IPA called 4/4 and it was one of the better versions of that beer I have come across – so this one should definitely be enjoyable.  Panic! At The Disco frontman Brendon Urie seems to like what the brewery has been doing, especially since co-founder Jeff Plate sat with him to see what he looked for in a beer and how to implement it.

“I say this often but beer really is my comfort food.  With all the traveling I do, it’s something I look forward to knowing I can usually find a local beer that represents the city I’m visiting or have one of my classic favorites for when I’m feeling homesick.  For me, IP!ATD is a blend of both those feelings — uniting a familiar taste with something fresh.” Urie said in a statement.

Is it possible that 2019 could be as awesome for Panic! At The Disco as last year was?  It’s way to early to tell but the band is certainly off to a pretty good start.