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Philadelphia Company Celebrates It’s Always Sunny’s Season 14 Premiere With Rum Ham Recipe

Photo Courtesy of Dietz and Watson

For 13 seasons, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has transitioned from a sizable cult following to one of the most popular sitcoms on television.  Along the way, the irreverent group of bar owners found themselves in some hilariously over the top situations, while often leaving their imprint on popular culture.  One such instance came during the second episode of Season 7, when the gang went to the Jersey Shore and Frank and Mac enjoyed a rum ham while floating in the ocean.

Drinking is something the group does well, as evident when they tried to beat former Boston Red Sox great Wade Boggs’ record of supposedly consuming 70 beers in one sitting.  But, instead of bringing booze to this particular excursion, Frank, played by Danny DeVito, brings a ham soaked in rum to get plastered and as with every “brilliant” idea on the show, things go awry pretty quickly and it’s an instant classic.  The episode sparked a small rum ham trend across the country – just last week, I saw a guy wearing a rum ham t-shirt – as some 20-somethings looked for other ways to consume alcohol. In fact, if you Google Danny DeVito, rum ham is the top suggestion. Now, one Philadelphia company has teamed up with Sailor Jerry to release the definitive rum ham recipe – just in time for the Season 14 premiere on FXX.

Dietz and Watson, a producer of delicatessen foods in the City of Brotherly Love for over 80 years, is celebrating the show’s return by posting a rum ham recipe on its website and pushing it out through its various social media channels.  The ham, which takes about 40 minutes to cook on medium heat, feeds upwards of 28 people and even includes the maraschino cherries and pineapple slices. The recipe looks pretty simple, though it says three and a half parts Sailor Jerry is needed.  Not quite sure how much that is, so adding the entire bottle might be the best way of doing it. 

With this particular rum ham using 46 percent ABV Sailor Jerry, the folks at Dietz and Watson make sure to encourage fellow rum ham enthusiasts to not only drink responsibly but also to eat the main course responsibly.  If you’re a die-hard fan of the show and considering a viewing party, this is the perfect food to tie it all together – all you need is now is the milk steak, jelly beans and pigeon.  But you won’t need to buy the booze.