Want to know how quickly time is flying, well 10 years ago today Pineapple Express hit theaters and became a cult stoner classic the likes of which hadn’t been seen in years.  The film, which stars Seth Rogen, James Franco and Dannny McBride is about a process server and his weed dealer who wind up on the run from hitmen and a corrupt cop after accidently witnessing a murder.  The film really propelled Rogen to stardom, while really changing Franco’s career trajectory – proving he comedic chops.

The late summer surprise hit was the first pot film to gross more than $100 million worldwide and has continued to build up quite the following all of these years later, with a countless number of quotable moments.  In honor of the 10th Anniversary, Rogen – who not only starred in Pineapple Express, but also wrote the majority of the script – took to the Twitter machine today, to fondly reminisce about the film.  In the process he shared some pretty hilariously interesting nuggets and we followed along with him live and felt these were too good not to share.  Now, sit back and enjoy some of the odd things you might not have known.

Right now, someone, somewhere, is working vigorously to update the trivia section of the Pineapple Express IMDB page.  Rogen’s thread was definitely a cool little glimpse behind the curtain.  We only hope that Twitter is around in 2024, so that he can drop more knowledge on us for The Interview’s 10-year anniversary – another film Rogen wrote and helped direct, while he also co-starred with Franco. A Twitter thread might not do, come to think of it – that film deserves its own biography, to be perfectly honest.