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Pizza Hut Becomes First Pizza Company To Offer Plant-Based Meat Pizza Nationwide

Photo Courtesy of Pizza Hut.

Fresh on the heels of a rumored partnership with Mcdonald’s to soon launch McPlant, a plant-based burger alternative, Pizza Hut has also partnered with Beyond Meat to become the country’s first national pizza chain to offer customers a plant-based meat pizza nationwide.

Often ahead of the curve with innovations such as the original pan pizza and the original stuffed crust pizza, Pizza Hut is set to release two new Beyond Pan Pizzas, the Beyond Italian Sausage Pizza and the Great Beyond Pizza.  The Beyond Italian Sausage Pizza is the company’s classic cheese pan pizza topped with plant-based Italian sausage crumbles, that feature a blend of spices, while the Great Beyond Pizza is a specialty pan pizza topped with fresh veggie like tomatoes, sliced red onions and tangy banana peppers alongside Beyond Italian sausage.

“I’d challenge anyone to go try the new Beyond Pan Pizza and tell the difference.  I shared it with friends and family, and they couldn’t,” said David Graves, Pizza Hut’s Chief Brand Officer, in a statement.  “The Beyond Italian Sausage is rich, juicy and has the signature Pizza Hut flavors – pizza lovers everywhere are going to love it.”

Photo Courtesy of Pizza Hut.

The partnership with Pizza Hut comes at kind of a weird time for Beyond Meat, as the company’s shares plummeted after a rumored partnership with McDonald’s – a deal that, more than 24 hours later, has not been announced by either of the two sides involved.  Plant-based meat has become a trend in the fast-food industry as of late, with company’s like Burger King and Dunkin’ offering Vegan options for untraditional diets.  This isn’t the first faux meat offered at a national pizza chain, as Little Caesars teamed up with Impossible Foods almost two years ago to launch “Impossible Pizza,” though the experiment was only available in Florida, New Mexico and Washington. 

There’s no sign yet as to whether or not Pizza Hut hopes to eventually roll out the plant-based topping as a permanent fixture.  Right now, the two new plant-based pizzas are only available for a limited time, and while supplies last, at all traditional Pizza Hut locations nationwide for contactless delivery and carryout, as well as at select participating Pizza Hut Express locations. We expect other pizza chains to follow suit soon.