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Polaris’ New Slingshot Might Just Be The Most Fun On Three Wheels This Summer

Photo Courtesy of Polaris.

Everyone is looking for fun new ways to get outside and enjoy the summer right now and if aimless drives on winding roads are your thing, the new Polaris Slingshot Grand Touring LE might just be for you.

The new model, which will have a limited edition run of just 300 units, is part of the Minnesota-based company’s 2020 lineup that was announced this week.  For well over half a decade, the Slingshot has brought the thrill of a motorcycle, with an exhilarating three-wheeled experience, without the need of obtaining that pesky motorcycle license – well, at least in most states.  It combines the feel of driving a car with an unmatched style people still likely stop to check out.  But Polaris has upped the ante with the Grand Touring LE, offering a slew of amenities for an easier – and more comfortable – experience, the biggest of which is the new AutoDrive transmission, eliminating the need for clutching or shifting.  Now, anyone can hop in, hit the road and go on an adventure.

Photo Courtesy of Polaris.

Featuring a custom Fairway Green paint scheme with both bronze accents and special edition bronze wheels – 18-inch set in the font and a 20-inch wheel in the back – this particular version also includes a color-matching top as well as a tall windshield, a Ride Command infotainment system that offers built-in GPS and interior accent lighting.  Style is nothing without some giddy up and the Grand Touring LE has plenty, with a 178-horsepower HP Prostar 2.0-liter engine – and if you want just a little more power, there’s a Stage 1 Tune available for $599.99 that’ll add 25 more horses.  As with other Slingshot models, there are customizable upgrades, like heated and cooled seats, which would prove helpful due to the vehicle’s lack of an HVAC system, a side-storage bag set and an all-weather black cover, to protect from the elements all year long.

“With superior comfort, convenient technology, and head-turning styling, the Grand Touring LE transforms daily driving into unforgettable adventures,” said Chris Sergeant, Vice President of Polaris Slingshot.

Photo Courtesy of Polaris.

Priced at $33,999, the 2020 Grand Touring LE is shipping to Polaris Slingshot dealers now and might just be the perfect little toy for an upcoming adventure.