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Pringles Once Again Releasing Friendsgiving Package, Now With Turducken Flavors

Photo Courtesy of Kellogg

Former football announcer John Madden made the Turducken famous in the early 1990s, so we’re putting the blame on him for Pringles’ latest flavor of chips.  For the third year, Kellogg’s is releasing limited edition potato chips with various Thanksgiving flavors, because who doesn’t want the taste of a full holiday meal when snacking on potato chips during the Thanksgiving Day Parade?

The Pringles Friendsgiving Feast Turducken Kit comes with three different types of meat flavored chips, turkey, duck and chicken, and when all three are stacked, they taste like that salty Frankenstein-monster-of-an-entree – or as the company is calling it, the “Turducken Stack.” But before you get the meat sweats just thinking about it, Pringles has also put cranberry sauce, stuffing and pumpkin pie flavors in the kit as well.  Last year, the company released the kit with just the three flavors, pumpkin pie, stuffing and turkey, so this year it’s upped its game in finding new ways to gross out the majority of its consumers.

Pringles have been around since 1967 and were originally developed by Procter & Gamble, though they weren’t distributed across the United States until 1975.  In 2012, Kellogg purchased the brand for $2.695 billion, which made the brand the world’s second largest snack company. There are currently 19 different flavors of Pringles, including the wavy and light variety.

It won’t be easy finding these Turducken kits, as only a limited number were available starting Nov. 7 at noon and it appears as though the kits are already sold out.  Well, that just means you can put that $15.99 towards other Pringles flavors, you know, the more normal ones like BBQ and sour cream and onion. They weren’t lying when they said the kit would “be gone faster than Grandma’s famous Pumpkin Pie. According to their Instagram, however, Pringles will soon be releasing a limited amount of canisters of the roasted turkey flavor. We like Pringles but that’s going to be a hard pass from us.