The true story of four college kids in Kentucky committing the brazen heist at the Transylvania University library for $12 million worth of rare books titled American Animals is set to release on June 1, 2018.

Although filmed in Charlotte, North Carolina and at Davidson College, the film takes place in Lexington, real names of the universities (Transylvania and University of Kentucky) and people are used.

For a films that use the “based on a true story” tag and take artistic liberties in portraying true events, American Animals knocks it out of the park in capturing the timeline with how things went and even feature the real players involved who all give their version of events. The film already created massive buzz at Sundance.

Directed by Bart Layton (The Impostor) and starring Evan Peters (X-Men: Apocalypse/ American Horror Story) , Barry Keoghan (Dunkirk), Blake Jenner (Glee) and Jared Abrahamson (Travelers), American Animals is part dramatization and part documentary, taking the audience on a thrill ride to see what happens when fantasies of not being ordinary meet a harsh reality.