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Reebok Releasing U.S.C.M. Bug Stomper To Commemorate Alien Day

Photo Courtesy of Reebok

In case you weren’t aware, April 26 is Alien Day, commemorating one of science fiction’s most successful film franchises and Reebok is once again celebrating with a new shoe.  The Boston-based company has embraced Alien Day in recent years, with footwear influenced by Sigourney Weaver’s character, Ellen Ripley, and the H.R. Giger inspired Alien Queen from the 20th Century Fox film Aliens but now Reebok will release the U.S.C.M. Bug Stomper to honor another memorable character.

The shoe, the fourth release in this specific series, shines a light on self-proclaimed “Ultimate Badass,” Private First Class William Hudson, played in the 1986 film by the late Bill Paxton.  Hudson was part of the United States Colonial Marines team given the task of traveling to planet LV-426 to investigate the loss of communication with a terraforming colony based on the planet.  Paxton, one of the most recognizable character actors of his generation, doesn’t have an enormous impact on the film but is in several notable scenes and has a couple of classic lines, such as “Game over, man!” But why choose this particular character for the shoe?  Well, Reebok designer Chris Hill, who has worked on all of the Alien shoe projects over the last five years, is a huge fan.

“I know what it’s like to be a fan and I think it makes a big difference when you buy a shoe and you know a lot of authentic passion went into creating it,” Hill said in a statement.  “We’ve tied other products to Ripley and Bishop in previous packs and I wanted to come at it from a different angle. We didn’t go away from the authentic details, but I wanted to make it more fashionable, not just a collector’s item.”

Donning a camo look, the right and left shoe each have unique graphics, with plenty of references that were featured in James Cameron’s summer blockbuster.  There are patches, skull graphics, straps and even a code to digitally access the shoe’s information.  And to add to any pop culture nerd’s dream, Reebok once again spared no expense on the shoe’s packaging, with a hand-built, prism-shaped, box inspired by the film’s dropships. When light hits the box, it shows a rainbow holographic effect, like space age camouflage. 

Photo Courtesy of Reebok

Available on April 26, the U.S.C.M. Bug Stomper is set to retail for $220 and can be ordered on Reebok’s website.  There’s even an option right now to set a reminder because, if you don’t, these things will likely disappear quicker than most of the Marines squad when fighting off the xenomorphs.