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San Diego, One Of The Nation’s Brewing Hotspots, Is Getting A Beer Museum

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Throughout the United States, certain cities are beer hotspots, places where the brewing scene has, for some reason or another, exploded in recent years and people flock to taste a specific brew known to that region.  Immediately, places like Burlington (VT), Ashville (NC) and Grand Rapids (MI) come to mind, however there’s one city that is almost always the top destination for beer drinkers – San Diego.

With more than 100 breweries in California’s San Diego county, there are plenty of places to grab a West Coast style India Pale Ale, perhaps the area’s most notable beer category, and more.  It’s home to several of the country’s larger craft beer manufacturers including Stone Brewing Company, Ballast Point Brewing Company, Modern Times Beer and Green Flash Brewing Company – and many others that offer ridiculously delicious brews that might fly below most hipster’s radar.  But next year San Diego will add another notch in its belt, when the Museum of Beer opens in the city’s East Village section.

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The brainchild of a group of beer-loving entrepreneurs, the Museum of Beer – or MoB for short – will be a unique way for drinkers to learn about the beverage, its history and the progression of the brewing process throughout time.  It’ll feature immersive high-tech, sometimes hands-on, exhibits, all while exploring how specific beers are made and where those beers might’ve originated. And San Diego will also be heavily included in the museum, as visitors will learn all about the city’s beer history and how it’s become a brewing hotspot.  MoB looks like it’ll be on the cutting edge and offer everything for casual and serious beer drinkers, including a stage which we imagine would be for hosting local musicians.

“Museum of Beer is going to be San Diego’s Beer Welcome Center,” Bruce Glassman, the museum’s Curator of Craft, shared with Travel+Leisure.  “It’s going to be that jumping-off place where everyone can come to begin their personal craft beer journey. It will seek to inspire hardcore beer fans and also educate those new to craft beer who have a thirst to learn more.”

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The museum will be housed in an almost 12,000-square-foot space and will offer visitors the same kind of sensory experience craft beer snobs note while drinking beer, not to mention a variety of different tasting opportunities.  With a beer garden and artisinal pizza kitchen on sight, there will be plenty of chances to relax and enjoy a beer from one of San Diego’s well known breweries and pair it with your favorite slice. There will even be a featured bottle list, curated with some of the best limited releases, and rare beers, from around the country.

Photo Courtesy of Museum of Beer

This will not be the first beer-styled museum in the United States, however, as Brew: The Museum of Beer has already had a segmented opening in downtown Pittsburgh. To help better introduce this upcoming project, the creators will host a Q&A forum for locals who’d like to learn more about the Museum of Beer.  For now, we will just have to patiently wait until it opens in 2020 – and maybe plan a stop around San Diego Comic Con.