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Space Jam 2: NBA Players We’d Like To See Alongside LeBron James

Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros.

It’s difficult to believe that Space Jam, the Warner Bros. film that mashed up the world of the National Basketball Association with the world of Looney Tunes, was released 23 years ago.  Grossing $250 million worldwide, it became, for better or worse, one of the defining films of the decade and is remembered with an intoxicating nostalgia from the vast majority of millenials.  Now, after years of speculating, a sequel is officially happening, with a release date expected to come sometime in 2021 and starring Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James.

That’s all of the information available at this time but it has us speculating what, or better yet who, we might just see in the sequel.  As much as Space Jam was a timestamp of 1996, featuring Michael Jordan and an eclectic numbers of basketball players like Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, Muggsy Bogues, Shawn Bradley and Larry Johnson, we can only imagine that the upcoming sequel will do much of the same.  Each player brought about a unique skill or characteristic to the film and we have to imagine Warner Bros. will go back to the same well this time around. But it got us thinking what NBA players would be a good fit for Space Jam 2, blending personality with skill while adding an ability to enhance the storyline.  So, here’s who we think would be perfect selection for the next Monstars team.

Joel Embiid: Center

There might not be a more eccentric player right now than Embiid.  Whether he’s barking at Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook, swatting shots in the lane or dancing on the court with the Philadelphia 76ers cheerleaders, the 24-year-old acts much larger than his 7-foot-1 stature. Embiid has no problem standing in front of cameras and speaking his mind, even if there’s an occasional f-bomb.  If he’s on your team, it’s not hard to fall in love with his personality, otherwise his boisterous attitude can certainly make him disliked almost anywhere – including Moron Mountain.

Anthony Davis: Power Forward

Another massive player, standing at 6-foot-10, Davis would be a perfect member of the Monstars.  Not only is he a close friend of James but he has a signature look. It’s important that at least some of the NBA players’ cartoon alter-egos have a distinct look and Davis’ signature unibrow would be perfect.  Come on, a humongous green cartoon alien with a distinctive eyebrow – it basically sells itself. Who knows what franchise Davis will be with when the film is released, since he’s made it abundantly clear he intends to part ways with the New Orleans Pelicans and join a big market team like Los Angeles or Boston, making him a heel around the country.

James Harden: Shooting Guard

Much like Davis, Harden has the signature look going for him.  For the majority of his career, Harden has rocked arguably the NBA’s best beard, all while averaging 24 points per game over his career.  He’s widely thought of as a ball hog from fans around the league, not to mention sometimes he can be downright cantankerous with the media.  The 29-year-old Houston Rockets can drop threes like nobody’s business but many think his skillset and characteristics will never make him a winner – however, what if he’s on the Monstars with other similar talents?

Giannis Antetokounmpo: Small Forward

Anybody named the “Greek Freak” is automatically a shoo-in for the Monstars team.  Antetokounmpo has the size, ability and hulking look of someone that could give Bugs Bunny and the rest of his Looney Tunes friends a real run for their money.   He brings a ton of energy, a ton of moxy and a solid amount of personality. The 24-year-old also plays for a small market franchise, the trending upwards Milwaukee Bucks and is becoming an unstoppable talent – not to mention watching the 6-foot-11 monstrosity try and dunk without powers would probably be hilarious.

Kemba Walker: Point Guard

There has to be one small guy mixed in, right?  Walker stands at 6-foot-1, small by today’s NBA standards, though he doesn’t necessarily bring something unique to the table.  If the 28-year-old is on fire though, there’s not many in the league that are better, which was evident earlier this season when he dropped 60 against the Sixers and followed it up with 43 the next game against the Boston Celtics.  Also, of the players already mentioned, only one (Philadelphia) was previously featured in the original film but Walker would represent the Charlotte Hornets, who had both Bogues and Johnson. If they wanted to keep with the two from the same team concept we’d recommend replacing Walker with Chris Paul of the Rockets.