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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Coca-Cola Bottles Banned On Flights By TSA

Photo Courtesy of Disney

This week marks the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney World’s Hollywood Studios theme park and while there’s plenty of new souvenirs available, one is making headlines.  

The brand new attraction, which is a larger version of the one that opened late last spring in Disneyland, features over 1,000 unique items for purchase, including build-your-own droids, customizable lightsabers and the legendary “blue milk” seen in the films.  But, if “blue milk” really just isn’t your thing, Coca-Cola has created perhaps the attraction’s most popular souvenir – one that’ll only set you back $5 – with bottles of Sprite, Diet Coke and Classic Coke bottles that look straight out of the planet Batuu. The soft drinks feature a special space-style font called Aurebesh, a fictional Star Wars language, and look similar to a thermal detonator, with a round container and cylindrical cap.

For the last several months, fans have fallen in love with the sodas at Disneyland, taking them home to collect but, if you plan on flying to either of the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge parks, you can’t keep it.  Earlier this month, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) responded to a tweet asking if the Star Wars inspired soft drink containers could be packed in a suitcase.  The response was surely something concocted by The Dark Side, as the TSA banned the souvenir from flights because of its similar resemblance to an explosive and followed it up with a further explanation.

We wouldn’t recommend trying to hide it in your bag or sneaking it on with you, because that could lead to some serious issues, so if you really want to make sure you have one when you get home, make arrangements to have it shipped – it’ll cost a few extra bucks but save you a potential headache.  But don’t worry, the TSA says you can still bring on your lightsaber or droid!