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Taco Bell’s New At Home Taco Bar Lets You Build The Fast-Food Chain’s Signature Item

Photo Courtesy of Taco Bell

This is not a drill: you can now make your own Taco Bell tacos at home.  That’s right, the fast-food chain’s cravable, snackable, hangover-curable menu item now comes in a do-it-yourself kit, so you can have your own quarantine taco night even if the fridge is baron.

Do-it-yourself meals have become the latest trend as businesses and restaurants find ways to adapt to the current climate, one that only allows for takeout and delivery.  While many local pizza joints are offering pizza kits and local bakeries are offering cupcake kits, some national brands are even getting in on the action.  Many Dunkin’ Donuts locations are now selling donut kits, four of the company’s plain classic rings that come complete with various frostings and jimmies.  Taco Bell is the latest to join the party, with the At Home Taco Bar – a $25 kit with everything you need for tacos and other signature Taco Bell items.

The At Home Taco Bar, which feeds up to six, comes with flour tortillas, crunchy taco shells, seasoned beef, shredded lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese, nacho chips and cheese sauce, reduced fat sour cream, tomatoes, refried beans and hot sauce packets.  It’s available at participating locations for a limited time and can be purchased on the Taco Bell mobile app and can either be picked up at the drive-thru or delivered right to your door through Grubhub.

The idea for the kit came about as a way to enhance family dinners and virtual gatherings – because who isn’t eating some sort of snack during those marathon Zoom sessions?

“Our food has always been a catalyst of bringing people together and we’re finding new ways to do this from a safe distance until we can all be together again,” said Taco Bell Senior Vice President of Brand Marketing and Consumer Insights Melissa Friebe in a recent statement. “No matter the meal they create, we’re excited to give fans a new at-home Taco Bell experience.”

Photo Courtesy of Taco Bell

If you’re bored with regular, old tacos, don’t worry.  Taco Bell has included recipes for some of its other signature favorites on its blog, most of which can be created using the kit’s ingredients.  From double decker tacos to nachos supreme to nacho crunch quesadilla, there’s plenty of ways to get the most out of the At Home Taco Bar.  And if you need a couple of ideas on what to wash it all down with, the site includes recipes for a Wild Strawberry Tequila Sunrise and Mountain Dew Baja Blast Mexican Mule.  Actually, those might be all we really need for Friday’s virtual happy hour.

Incorporating the recipes with the At Home Taco Bar is a great idea, one we wish some of our other favorite fast-food chains would consider doing in the future.  Because, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to build a Shake Shake burger and then create their very own black and white milkshake? Now if they can just throw some Cheesy Gordita Crunch shells in At Home Taco Bar, we would be in quarantine heaven.