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The Office Actor Finally Spills The Beans About The Recipe For Kevin’s Famous Chili

Photo Courtesy of Bush's Beans

It was a recipe passed down for generations and the thing Kevin Malone admittedly did best.  Once a year, The Dunder Mifflin Paper Company accountant, played by Brian Baumgartner, worked tirelessly to create what he called “Kevin’s Famous Chili.”  Sure, it had pressed garlic and under-cooked onions but The Office character didn’t give many other details before hilariously dropping his massive pot onto the carpet during the show’s Casual Friday episode.  But now, thanks to a genius idea by Bush’s Beans, Baumgartner is sharing that recipe with the world.

Unveiled by the Tennessee-based company late last week as part of National Chili Day on Feb. 27, the recipe is the one his character alluded to during the episode.  It starts with Bush’s Beans, obviously, along with a special blend of chilis, onions and cumin and features some key steps like not only “slow-sautéing shallots for a mild sweetness” but also “dicing the perfect amount of green peppies.”  It makes eight servings, takes about 40 minutes and requires 17 different ingredients – perfect for any marathon of The Office that suddenly pops onto Comedy Central during the weekend.

And don’t worry, with 260 calories per serving and seven grams of fat, you could eat plenty before you find yourself as lethargic as Baumgartner’s character is often portrayed.

“I love making chili – I really do. I consider it art,” Baumgartner said in a recent press release.  “A little sweet, a little spicy…perfection. I only use Bush’s Chili Beans, too. They simmer the beans before they even go in the can with these amazing spices and sauce, so you get that cooked-all-day flavor without having to wait all day.”

The full recipe is available on Bush’s website but, if you make it, try not to spill it.