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These Recycled Aluminum Skateboards Are The Next Evolution In Fandom

Photo Courtesy of Aluminati Skateboards

For decades, skateboards were made from seven layers of maple ply-wood but one California-based company is creating state-of-the-art skateboards out of recycled aluminum and featuring logos of your favorite National Hockey League and National Basketball Association teams.

Aluminati Skateboards, a company that began in Corona back in 2013, creates made to order boards from recycled aircraft aluminum and they’re both durable and recyclable.  The company began to fill a growing need in the market, that of a more durable, longer-lasting and attractive looking skateboard as an alternative to trendy plastic cruiser skateboards.  Cruiser boards are perfect for beginners or anyone looking to get around their concrete jungle but as the boards became more and more popular, there was a massive influx of plastic boards coming from China and other countries.  Aluminati boards are made in the United States and are part of 1% For Our Planet, an initiative where businesses donate one percent of earnings back to the environment through various organizations.

Photo Courtesy of Aluminati Skateboards

Completely customizable, Aluminati has worked with various well known brands like Ron Jon’s, Sun Diego and Evans Brewery to create their own look.  Enthusiasts can choose from some of Aluminati’s stylish designs or purchase decks featuring designs for every NBA and NHL team, as well as some vintage looks feature defunct franchises like the Hartford Whalers.  Decks can be purchased on their own or all together, in a ready-to-ride set that includes trucks, wheels and customized grip tape with the accompanying design or sports team’s logo on it. There’s even clear grip tape, making the top easily visible.

With a skateboard made using aluminum, the thought is that it might be extremely heavy, however Aluminati insists that is not the case, since the company’s boards have a perfect size-to-weight ratio, much different than those heavy aluminum boards you might remember from way back in the day.  You know the ones, which were too heavy to maneuver with any sort of reliability.

All the parts, as well as some apparel, are available for purchase through the company’s website, with decks starting at $54.99 and completes starting at $129.99 – prices may vary as the officially licensed NHL and NBA decks are cheaper but completes run just a little more.  Whether you’re cruising around Las Vegas on a Golden Knights skateboard, riding close to the Milwaukee River on a Bucks cruiser skateboard or just heading to a loft in Brooklyn, these boards are a fun and conscious way to get around.