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This Beer Pong Golf Set Is The Perfect Way To Practice Your Putting While Partying

Photo Courtesy of Beer Pong Golf

As the weather continues to get warmer, the itch to get outside and do something continues to grow and nothing goes together better during the summer than drinking and golf.  Maybe it’s because of the relaxed nature of the game, or maybe it’s the ability to play it during a gorgeous day, but the only problem can be finding the time to share a six-pack and shoot a round of 18.  Well, now there’s a way to do both, without ever leaving the backyard, with the Beer Pong Golf set.

Available on Wayfair for $94.99, Beer Pong Golf gives drinkers the perfect way to practice their putting while parting, with all the hype of the classic table-top game you used to play in your parent’s basement – you remember, when you were in your early 20s.  The set comes with a solid wooden board that has collapsible legs, which looks a lot like what you’d see when playing bags, featuring 10 slots to slip in red Solo cups, along with six plastic balls and a chipping mat which, like the board, is made out of fake green turf.

Photo Courtesy of Beer Pong Golf

The only thing the set doesn’t come with is a golf club but if you’re even an occasional golfer, chances are you probably have at least a couple of clubs laying around the house. If not, tell someone to bring a few with them.  And the board doesn’t have to be just for a rowdy, competitive night with the fellas, you can remove the cups and simply practice your game or put prizes in the holes and play with your kids.  In fact, there’s probably a lot more ideas you can do with this Beer Pong Golf set if you put your mind to it.

Beer Pong Golf ships free and will typically be at your door in about a week.  It has a 30-day return policy and a 4.4 rating based on more than 150 reviews.  So, avoid sitting and just staring at your friends the next time you invite some friends over for beers, or just keep busy during quarantine, with what will likely be the talk of any future get together.