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Texas Company Creates Beer For Man’s Best Friend

Photo Courtesy of Good Boy Dog Beer

Over the last several years, many craft breweries have become dog-friendly, allowing drinkers to bring their furry companions along with them as they purchase food and unique boozy concoctions.  While you sit there and enjoy your favorite beer, your dog gets showered with attention and perhaps a biscuit or two – but not any more. Now, many companies are making treat beverages that appeal to man’s best friend and one Texas company has even created a line of beer for fido.

Available in 12 states, Good Boy Dog Beer is the brainchild of Megan and Steve Long, who started the company in the Houston area.  It began with the two creating homemade treats for their dog, due to allergy outbreaks and dietary restrictions.  From there, the evolution of creating dog treats eventually progressed to brewing “dog beer.”

Using all of the same equipment as any other craft brewery, Good Boy creates its beer treats much the same way, minus the fermentation process.  Good Boy comes in four doggie themed flavors – Crotch Sniffin’ Ale (peanut-based), IPA Alot in the Backyard (pork-based), Mailman Malt Licker (chicken-based) and Session…Squirrel (veggie-based).  Sure, there are several other beers marketed towards fido but we’re not sure how many will ship across the United States and are actually brewed, like Good Boy.

There’s no actual alcohol in these liquid treats, because hops can actually be deadly for dogs, instead there are a variety of fresh ingredients including carrots, sweet potatoes, celery and whole grain oats.  The company claims that humans could drink it if they choose, and yes they’ve tried it, though it might be a little bland for our sophisticated palate. A four-pack of cans is $18 or you can order individual cans for just $5 each.  Good Boy recommends one can per serving but if your dog is smaller and can’t finish it, the beer will last up to five days refrigerated.

These could be the perfect present for a dog’s birthday or “gotcha day” because who doesn’t spoil their dog like it’s a child? They’re part of the family.