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Try This Masters-Themed Beer Quick, Before There’s A Cease-And-Desist Letter

Photo Courtesy of Valley of the Eagles on Twitter

As March Madness winds down and college basketball’s champion is crowned, it’s time to turn our attention to one of the biggest events on the sports calendar – The Masters.  Hardcore golf enthusiasts and novices alike will likely be glued to the television this weekend to hear Jim Nantz quietly narrate the biggest golf event of the PGA season from Augusta’s famous course.

The Masters has a level of class and sophistication but don’t be fooled, it’s still a legitimate party, with some attendees sipping on exclusive cocktails like the John Daly – a vodka-spiked Arnold Palmer – but on a hot southern spring day, nothing beats an ice-cold beer.  And one Ohio-based brewery has teamed-up with Valley of The Eagles golf club to create a Masters-themed beer just in time. Sibling Revelry Brewing, located just outside of Cleveland, has created Augusta Peach Wheat, a limited release 4.2 percent alcohol by volume wheat effort that is bursting with peach flavor.  Given its name and alcohol content, it’s probably a pretty sessionable, easy to drink, brew.

Besides the peach flavor, a fruit synonymous with Georgia, the real distinguishing factor from Augusta Peach Wheat is the label.  Adorned with the infamous green jacket given to the winner of the event, as well as several iconic sign posts, it’s sure to sell pretty well, especially at $10 a six-pack.  It’s yet another beer added to Sibling Revelry’s arsenal, which features seven year-round beers and another 10 seasonal efforts – that Pecan Brown Ale looks delicious, for the record.

There might just be one little problem with this beer.  Augusta National, and in large part the PGA, is overly protective of its brand.  This isn’t the first beer produced with the event’s likeness, incorporating the green jacket, but Savannah River Brewing Company no longer features a green jacket, but instead a gold jacket, on its No Jacket Required Czech Pilsner.  The best guess there is a cease-and-desist letter was sent to the brewer because of using the recognizable garment.  Either way, this might be the perfect beer to enjoy while watching the Masters but get some quick before it’s gone – and who knows, it might just become a collector’s item if it gets pulled from production.