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Two Women Recreated Homer Simpson’s New Orleans Binge And It Should Be A Tour

Photo Courtesy of Fox

It might not be quite as groundbreaking and hilarious as it was when it started back in 1989 but The Simpsons still continues to have occasional witty jokes and memorable scenes.  For Katrin von Niederhäusern and her friend Janine, there’s a scene from Season 29 that left a mark, so much so that the duo thought it would be fun to recreate it while recently in New Orleans.

Episode 17, titled Lisa Gets The Blues, focuses on the family’s trip to New Orleans in the hopes of cheering their oldest daughter up after becoming discouraged with playing the saxophone.  At one point, Homer remarks that he noticed 1,000 things he loves about the Crescent City, which is followed by a montage with jazz music in the background.  The Simpsons creators don’t use the standard stereotypes or fictional places, instead delving into some New Orleans staples – some of which might only be recognizable to locals or those who have visited the city.  There’s crawfish at Bevi’s Seafood Company, lamb sausage at Emril’s New Orleans, a muffuletta at Central Grocery and jumbalaya at Coop’s Place – though I’d recommend the fried chicken there – just to name a few. In total, Homer rattles off 52 different dishes found at different spots. Here’s the original clip from the episode:

It seems like the perfect way to eat through New Orleans and von Niederhäusern agreed.  The two Switzerland natives, who admit they love The Simpsons as much as New Orleans, did a real-life shot-for-shot of Homer’s gluttonous tour, hitting every stop and eating every dish, well except for a king cake because it’s not in season.  The video is less than a week old at this point and has already racked up over 400,000 views on YouTube and it’s even been seen by the show’s creators. Eric Koenig, an animator and storyboard artist for the Fox cartoon, left a little comment with the video: “Hey!  Just wanted you to know, we here at The Simpsons Animation Studio saw your video and were blow away!  And also hope you don’t have heartburn from all that eatin’!” Here’s the two clips side-by-side:

It’s clear that this clip was a labor of love, as von Niederhäusern posted two test videos on the video sharing site about three weeks ago. Who knows just how long it took but the two really nailed it. Someone needs to turn this into a food tour. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to eat a po’boy, some king cake and wash it down with an Abita Purple Haze.