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U.S. Open Caddie Documents His Disgustingly Horrifying Hotel Experience

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images.

We’ve all been there.  Just before your trip, the AirBnB you booked suddenly gets cancelled, leaving you scrambling to find new accommodations.  Well, it happened to caddie Geno Bonnalie right before he was set to be on the bag for Joel Dahmen at this week’s U.S. Open at Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck, New York, forcing him to stay at one of the worst hotel rooms ever.

Like something straight out of The Shining or Psycho, Bonnalie documented his experience, posting a video to Twitter of the crime scene – er, room – at what he calls the ‘Mamaroneck Truck Stop and Motor Inn.’  In the video, he hysterically starts out his tour by mentioning a patch of wainscoting on the wall, before moving on to what looks like bullet holes, potential blood spatters on the wall and a sink that’s MacGyvered to the wall.

But don’t worry, we can confirm that Bonnalie did manage to make it through the night, posting a follow-up Twitter video early Tuesday morning thanking everyone who reached out and offered him a place to stay and to let all of his followers know he survived, with some sleep and “minimal itching.”  Mamaroneck might be 30 miles outside of Manhattan but, with local spots completely booked, commuting back and forth everyday could get expensive and even open up a whole other can of worms when it comes to logistics.

Bonnalie then goes on to show just a little more of the room’s charm not captured in the last video, from the water-stained ceiling to the glowing television that doesn’t entirely shut off.  Dahmen is currently the No. 61-ranked golfer in the world, making him a potential fringe player at the U.S. Open but if he makes the cut and gets a significant payout, he better throw a few extra dollars Bonnalie’s way for staying at that horrifying room for the entire week. If nothing else, he has a fun story for when he returns home.