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Will Ferrell Crashes Seattle Seahawks’ Virtual Team Meeting, Poses As Greg Olsen

Photo Courtesy of Seattle Seahawks' YouTube Channel

It started like any team meeting these days for the Seattle Seahawks, with Pete Carroll leading the virtual chat to keep his players updated on team news.  But when the Super Bowl-winning coach introduced the team’s latest offseason acquisition, Greg Olsen, comedian Will Ferrell appeared in his place.

Donning a blue No. 12 Russell Wilson Seahawks jersey and a backwards cap – looking almost exactly like his doppleganger, Chad Smith, of the Red Hot Chili Peppers – Ferrell jumped on and pretended to be tight end Greg Olsen, who the franchise recently signed to a one-year, $7 million contract back in February.  The Saturday Night Live alum and Step Brothers star cracked jokes during an almost three minute rant, all while unveiling a play he had designed during his time with the Carolina Panthers, Olsen’s former team, called “90-Go-Flywheel Kanye Starburst.” His impersonation of Olsen didn’t end there, as Ferrell also lifted up his jersey to “show off the body of a 36-year-old.”

Ferrell’s Zoom meeting shenanigans also included making fun of Wilson’s hair, calling Carroll the wrong name and explaining that he does not play on special teams, all as the majority of the team is unable to get a word in edgewise.  After Ferrell exits, the video conference focuses on the real Olsen, who must’ve been hysterical while watching and waiting to enter the virtual chat. Olsen will have to repay Ferrell somehow when things get back to normal – perhaps with the opportunity to bang some cowbell as the ceremonious “12th Man” before a home game at CenturyLink Field this season?

Olsen is entering his 14th season in the National Football League, spending his first four seasons with the Chicago Bears before being traded to Carolina in 2011. He’s the only tight end to ever record three straight seasons of over 1,000 receiving yards and is currently sixth all-time, at his position, in receiving yards with 8,444.