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WWE Debuts Social Media Brilliancy With 24/7 Championship

Mick Foley debuts the new WWE 24/7 Title on Raw/Photo by WWE

WWE had some surprises in store for the audience on Monday Night Raw when they were scheduled to reveal the company’s newest championship, a company that already had 10 titles on its main roster.

Speculation arose during Money in the Bank when the announcement was first teased. Fans were torn between the new title being the Hardcore Championship, a title made famous by Mankind, Steve Blackman, Al Snow, and Big Bossman.

Others thought maybe it was the TV title, which was used in NWA, WCW, and Mid-Atlantic. They were wrong…sort of. Although it had a common feature of the Hardcore Championship, Foley announced the new title would be none other than the 24/7 Championship.

With a green strap, the title has a big 24/7 plastered inside a yellow circle outlined in gold. The rules of title are very clear; it can be defended any time, any where.

In a matter of minutes, the title had three different winners. Titus O’Neil became the first 24/7 Champion but couldn’t even make it back up the ramp before Robert Roode pinned him to become the second champion. R-Truth (Ron Killings) became the third champion when he pinned Roode in the parking lot.

Truth, in true comedic fashion, is devoted to the delusion of his character and believes he’s the European Champion, a title that has been defunct since 2002.

It’s glorious…sorry, Mr. Roode.

As expected with everything in the WWE Universe, the fans are torn. Some enjoy the comedy while others find it too silly and a reason why the ratings are down.

In reality, it’s a fantastic marketing device in the era of social media. WWE has given fans a reason to tune in to their social media feed even more now due to the fact that the title can be defended anywhere and we can all watch it in a single tweet or Instagram video. Not to mention, how can you not enjoy R-Truth trying to disguise himself from challengers?

Photo by WWE

You lose again, smarks.