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Xbox Sets World Record After Projecting Destiny 2 On Colorado Mountaintop

Photo Courtesy of Xbox.

We all want to play video games on the largest screen possible and Microsoft’s Xbox decided to take it to a whole other level, allowing snowboarder Grant Giller to experience Destiny 2 the ultimate way, on the side of Colorado’s Copper Mountain, breaking a Guinness World Record in the process.

Collaborating with Bungie, the creator of the game and its latest next-gen content release Beyond Light, Xbox powered an incredible projected gaming experience onto a 180 x 105-foot wide screen – which is 19,090 ft² for all of the math nerds out there.  It was projected on the side of Copper Mountain, with the 10-mile mountain range serving as the well-lit backdrop to Giller, his Xbox and his couch.  That officially makes it the largest projected video game ever and Giller’s Destiny 2: Beyond Light game also has to be near the top of the highest elevations for a projection.  

It took place at just over 11,000 feet elevation and despite frigid conditions, all of the equipment needed to make this feat possible withstood the cold and scattered snowstorms during shooting, with not a single system failure.  The mountain also provided a fiber internet connection strong enough for the Xbox Series X, allowing for perfect gaming, without visual or game play delays, which is truly astonishing.  How does this ridiculously awesome set up work better than the one in our own living room?

Giller, a 26-year-old professional snowboarder who focuses on slopestyle, spent much of the day on the slopes with his custom Destiny 2 x Xbox snowboard before trading in his adrenaline on one mountain for that projected on another mountain.  Not only was a couch set up facing the display, but also a table to hold his gear, in what actually looked like a pretty cozy configuration.

Photo Courtesy of Xbox.

The milestone was confirmed by Guinness World Records late last month and just recently announced by Xbox.  Now that the video game system has this new accomplishment, it will be interesting to see if either of its contemporaries try to one-up the record.