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Your Food Will Be There For You With This Friends-Themed Slow Cooker

Photo Courtesy of Hot Topic

With the ability to stream television whenever you want and wherever you want nowadays, there’s been a resurgence of nostalgia-driven content, most notably popular sitcoms from the 1990s and 2000s.  Shows such as The Office, Seinfeld and Friends dominate services such as Hulu and Netflix but come with a lofty price tag, which might be why Netflix just pulled the plug on Friends.  If you’re waiting for it to move to HBO Max, we might just have something that’ll help with the waiting – a Friends-themed slow cooker featuring some very notable references.

Decorated with some of the show’s most famous lines like “Pivot” and “How you doin’?” as well as illustrations that have become synonymous with Friends, this 6.5-quart slow cooker is the perfect gift for any fan – or just keep it for yourself.  It also features, right under the Central Perk couch illustration, adjustable buttons for heating at low, high and warm settings, allowing for a variety of different potential dishes – plus the stoneware insert and tempered glass lids are removable for easy cleaning.  If you’re having more than just your five friends over, there’s a bigger triple slow cooker which features three 2.5-quart stoneware inserts and the ability to individually adjust each temperature.

Both of these slow cookers are available through Hot Topic.  The single slow cooker is $30 and the larger three piece one goes for $56 – and the cost of shipping, of course.  Just make sure that if you buy either one and use it, you have your Thanksgiving pants ready!